Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Photoshop - Black and white tip

You may have already played with the black and white tool in Photoshop. This wonderful tool can quickly create an amazing black and white photo.
 To quickly create a stunning black and white photo I could go to Image - Adjustments - Black and White and start working. However, this process could permanently alter my image. Instead create a new adjustment layer in the bottom of the layers panel by clicking on the black and white circle. Making adjustments this way will allow me to go back to my layers panel and click on this adjustment layer to fine tune what I've done later.
Using the sliders you can adjust the luminous based on original color values in the image. Here is the trick that you might not know about. Select the hand icon to make color adjustments directly in the image. In the above example I'm making adjustments to the blue in the sky by simply dragging left and right.
Keep in mind that you can add even more effects by adding a sepia tone effect to your photo. Simply click on the tint color to select the subtle tint you want added.

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