Monday, February 08, 2016

Simple Cropping tip in Photoshop

Nothing is easier than cropping a photo to make a big impact on your photo.
In this example, the bird gets lost in the photograph.
I want the focus to be on the bird. While the bright red color helps, the subject still gets lost in the mass of branches. 
If you take a high resolution image of your photo, you won't have issues when you need to crop down in size. I still have plenty of data to work with here.  Remember, always shoot in a high resolution. You can always crop or downsize but it's really ugly to upsize.
It's now easy to see that the bird and not the trees are the subject for this photograph. There is one more thing you can do to draw the eye to the subject area.

The eye is naturally drawn to light and color. I had the color but my subject was a bit dark. I selected and feathered  an area around my subject to add a little brightness to polish off my photo. There is no doubt who is the subject of this photo now.


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