Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Adding blur to focus in Photoshop

The title is a little confusing. How does adding a blur help you to focus? Let's see what I mean.
I'm creating a graphic in Photoshop that will focus on the theme of destinations. I have a wonderful background that I want to use shown below.

In the next photo below, I've added my text "Destinations". It doesn't look too bad but here is the problem. The eye is quickly drawn to the colorful and sharp background and not on the text. Typically anything that is bright, has a sharp focus, or is colorful, will bring the eye to that part of the photo. My text is lost in the image below.

Here is how I fixed this problem. Knowing what I said above, I'm going to blur and darken the background. I simply went to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur and adjusted the blur accordingly. Then I went to Image - Adjustments - Brightness/Contrast and darkened the background some.
In my final project below, notice how the focus stays on the text and the background is just complimenting the text and not competing with it now.
For a final touch, I added a slight outer glow using layer styles on the text layer.
So when you want to focus on a particular object or area, consider using a blur tool in Photoshop.

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