Friday, October 30, 2015

Content Aware Move

Here is a quick tutorial on the Content Aware Move tool.
I want to move this bird in the lower left to the upper left.
I simply select the Content Aware Move tool to make a rough selection around the object I want to move. In this case the bird.

The Option bar shows two different options.
Structure: Control how far the selected edge feathers
Color: Control how far the blending of color occurs

In this case I could leave Structure as a small number since it will blend very nicely on the move. Same goes for color. Adjust these according to your image.

The other option available in the Option bar is Extend. Extend will leave the original image and make a duplicate like the image below.
That's basically all there is to it. Depending on your image, just adjust the Structure and Color according to your image. The less difference from the start to the finish location, the smaller the numbers can be.

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