Monday, March 03, 2014

Photoshop CC - Camera Raw Filter and the Adjustment Brush

In my last post I talked about the ability to use the new filter "Camera Raw" on a photo.
The controls in the image adjustment tabs of Camera Raw allow you to edit the color and tone of an entire photo.
However, what if you just want to adjust a specific area of a photo, like dodging and burning? You can use the Adjustment Brush tool to do just that.
The Adjustment Brush tool lets you selectively apply Exposure, Brightness, Clarity, and other adjustments by “painting” them onto the photo.
You'll find the Adjustment Brush in the top  menu bar of the Camera Raw menu window. Adjust the size of the area you want to "paint" an adjustment tool by using the left and right bracket keys. Then, before you start painting set your raw filter controls to create the effect you want then start painting these effects on your photo.
 What's nice about this is if you've created a "Smart Layer" of your photo the Camera Raw filter becomes a Smart Filter. (What is a smart filter?) Then if you decide to remove or edit what you've done you simply select your Smart Filter to make adjustments.

Below is an example of my Smart Layer with a Smart Filter.

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