Monday, May 06, 2013

What's the deal with this Adobe Cloud?

There's a new way to purchase Adobe software. Now you will "lease" Photoshop.

When you buy a car it's your to use as long as you want. It requires a large initial investment.
When you lease a car, the monthly payments are relatively small and it's easy to upgrade when a newer version comes out.
The lease or subscription in this case, option might sound good. Your lease license gives you the right to run the software for a specific time and the right to the latest version that is available. So, updates will be no additional cost. But, if you let the subscription lapse, you no longer have the right to own the subscription or in my example, your car is taken away.
With a subscription you will get access to some of Adobe's online services which include, file storage online, ability to host websites, and a few others (whether you want them or not).

Is Adobe Creative Cloud a good thing? Here are some things to consider.
  • How often to you need to upgrade?
  • Is it important to have access to the latest technology?
  • Are the additional applications or services found on the cloud important to you?
As for me, the jury is still out on this new option but as I gather more information, I'll share my thoughts in a later post. However, my initial reaction is I prefer to be able to buy something up front and have the right to use it until I am compelled by features or changes in the platform to update it.
However, here is the worst part. Starting in June, new versions of Adobe's CS software will be available only online, and only as part of a Creative Cloud subscription. No more admiring my Photoshop box on my office shelf.

For now, check out these sites for more information:

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fogharty said...

So will the price of CS6 applications suddenly drop, do you think? (I hope I hope I hope)