Monday, May 13, 2013

Quick Photoshop tips to save you time

I wanted to share a few Photoshop tips to help make you more productive. Hopefully there is at least one here that you didn't know about.

  • Hitting Tab hides all of your palettes. Hitting Tab again brings them back.
  • Shift+Tab hides all the pallets except your toolbar.
  • Hitting the "D" key resets your color pallets to Black foreground, White Background.
  • The "X" key will toggle your foreground and background colors.
  • Use CMD+Delete to fill your layer or selection with the current background color.
  • Option+Delete fills your layer or selection with the foreground color.
  • Change your paintbrush circle into a crosshair for precise control by pressing the Caps Lock key. 
  • Zoom back to 100% by double clicking the magnifier icon 
  • When zoomed in pressing the space bar will temporarily switch you to the hand tool for panning
  • Ctrl-D to quickly Deselect a selection
  • The square bracket keys [ and ] are used to increase or decrease brush size. By adding the Shift key, you can adjust brush hardness. 
  • CMD + Shift - Do this a lot :-)

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