Monday, January 10, 2011

Keep your information safe with GOOD passwords

I forget too many things and would like to keep my life as simple as possible. However, a simple password can be dangerous and a good one can be hard to remember!
Did you know that the worst password you could use is 123456 or abc123. You'd be surprised how often people choose passwords like this.

If you want a password that you can remember but would be hard to break try something like a phrase or song lyric and do something like this.
Harold and I were married in 1979 = haiwmi79 (using just the first letters and a number)
For more information on creating good passwords check this link.

Here is a link to an article about the most commonly used passwords. Hopefully none of these are something that you use.

Top 50 Gawker Passwords

Too many passwords to remember? Try this free software that keeps track of your passwords and you need to only remember one password to get in.

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