Monday, January 03, 2011

Photoshop - Great Colored Pencil Effect

Want to create a great colored pencil effect?
Photoshop has a lot of very fine filters that are hours of pure entertainment.
However, sometimes they just don't do what you want no matter what adjustments you can make with them.

I wanted a colored pencil effect.
Take a look at my example.
The first photograph is just a nice picture of a field of sunflowers that I want to apply the colored pencil look to.
When I experimented with Photoshop's colored filter (Filter>Artistic>Colored Pencil) I didn't get the results I wanted as shown in the 2nd photo.
It looks OK but it isn't what I wanted.
I could spend a couple of hours fiddling with various filters and effects and never get the look I want.

That's where an Action comes in handy. Actions are a series of Photoshop steps played in sequence with the click of a button. Actions are found under the "Window" menu in Photoshop.
There are thousands of free Actions out on the web. Some are good some well....not so good.

A search for free Photoshop Actions can give you thousands to select from.
Or, here is a link to a colored pencil action you might like.

Need to know how to find and load an Action into Photoshop and, how to Actions work?

Check my previous blog on using Actions.

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