Monday, November 15, 2010

Photoshop - Create ice effects with text


With Photoshop

Want to create some amazing custom text that looks frozen? This is the perfect time of year to start thinking about holiday cards, newsletters and colder weather so here are the steps to create your own amazing frozen text.

Below are the steps for my intermediate users who are comfortable with selecting backgrounds and the using basic Photoshop tools.

I've also included a movie tutorial for those more comfortable watching the entire process at the bottom of this blog.
  • Start with a new blank canvas and add some large text with a nice bold font that fills about half your canvas area.
  • Layer > Flatten Image
  • Filter > Pixelate > Crystallize (try settings between 5-10)
  • Select the background then Select > Similar (to get all of the background between letters)
  • Select > Inverse to select just the text
  • Filter > Noise > Add Noise (I use between 50-70)
  • Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur (2-4)
  • Select > All
  • Image > Adjust > Invert
  • Image > Rotate > 90 degrees CW
  • Filter > Stylize > Wind (Blast-direction-Right)
  • Image > Rotate > 90 degrees CCW
  • Select background
  • Select > Similar > delete (background should be deleted to your background color white)
  • Select > Inverse (selects just the text now)
  • Image > Adjustment > Color Balance (add blue and cyan as desired)

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