Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photoshop’s Vanishing Point
What is a vanishing point?
A vanishing point is where usually parallel lines meet in a photo.
What does this have to do with Photoshop?
Since CS2, Photoshop has added a filter allowing you to clone and edit in a perspective 3D grid
The Vanishing Point tool is available under the Filter menu. This tool automatically adjusts for the perspective planes in an image as you work. In many images it is very difficult to edit a picture because the angled perspective doesn't work well with the clone tool or healing brush. This is where the Vanishing Point filter comes in.
The Vanishing Point filter opens a new window with it’s own set of tools. You start by defining the perspective planes in the image. Photoshop will show your grid in blue or yellow if it's in correct perspective — if you see a red outline, you will know your perspective plane is not quite right and you can adjust the handles until the red is gone and Photoshop is happy.
Drag the side handles to spread your grid over the image if needed. Don’t grab the corner handles as this will distort the perspective you’ve just created.
Now when you use the clone stamp tool that is included, you’ll be removing or adding edits to your document in perspective planes. This process would be difficult to do with the stamp tool under these circumstances of perspective angles in the photo.
See this video example from “Total Training” by clicking here.

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