Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps has been a wonderful tool for years. I used it all the time before I bought my Garmin to get me around.
Google maps Street View allows you to view 360 degree images of many cities. You can navigate down streets taking a virtual drive seeing buildings, cars etc. It's just like being there!
The 360 degree camera rides on a car and takes photos as it travels down the street. So, of course, this is going to take Google some time to include all cities. Right now, Kansas city is the closest city to Lincoln that has street view.
Click here to see the U.S. map with cities offering this service.
Some people are nervous about their homes, license plates on their cars and other personal items being available for the world to see.
To see a funny slant on that issue, take a look at the following movie about this new Google Street View. :-)

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