Friday, April 04, 2008

Free Photoshop?
What’s the world coming to? Why would Photoshop give you their wonderful software for FREE?
Well, it’s a very light version with only the basics but still. Also, you don’t install it on your computer. You do it all online with Photoshop Express. It’s completely web based and can be used with any computer or browser. You'll be able to manage your photos from anywhere.

There are a lot of online photo sharing sites (see earlier blog) and now Adobe is offering one of the best.

Why do I think it’s the best? Because not only do they give you 2 GB of free storage but you get some of the neat photo editing tools that you’ve come to love with Photoshop too.

I was amazed to find some of my favorite tools including red eye removal, color and contrast editing, special effects and even the clone healing tool.

It’s in the BETA version now so you’ll find it painfully slow. I still prefer to use my full version of CS3 and even my Photoshop Elements over this online version. However, what a neat new tool from Adobe to play with and to share photos easily with others!

You’ll need to create an account as with almost all the other photo sharing sites. Check Adobe’s latest sensation at

Take a quick peak below.

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