Monday, August 03, 2015

Photoshop Trick - Viewing the same image in two windows

Whenever I'm working on details on something in my image I always zoom in so that I can make more accurate adjustments. Then, I have to zoom back out to see how my edits look in the overall image. For example, does the contrast I've added look good in the overall image when zoomed back?
Did you know you could view the same photo in two windows while editing? This way, you could be making precise edits close up while viewing the overall effect zoomed back. Here is all you need to do.
Go to Windows > Arrange > Select New Window for your open image. This doesn't make a duplicate of your image, it will display the same photo in two windows.
Next go to Window > Arrange and select how you want to view this image. In this case I selected two vertical windows.
Next I zoomed in on the left panel and started and selected the burn tool to begin darkening the wings of the butterfly. While doing my editing I am able to see the overall effect on the entire photo. 
No matter what kind of editing you are doing, this trick will save you from having to zoom in and then back out to make sure your photograph is looking the way you want.

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