Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Camera Raw tools to retouch photos

The camera raw filter is very powerful tool. Not only can you use it to fix all kinds of photo problems like exposure, clarity and color but it can be used for portrait retouching too!
Here is a before and after photo that I used the camera raw filter on. It only took about a minute and was quick and slick.
With the first adjustment I used the brush tool to paint with less clarity and less sharpness. Use the sliders to adjust how much clarity you remove. In doing so, you are basically blurring the area you Adjust your brush size according to the area you are "painting". Be careful not to overdo this process or the image will quickly look fake. You want to preserve the image while just softening lines a bit.
Select Add to add a new pin to "paint" new adjustments. This time I want to add some clarity and contrast to focus on the eyes. I adjusted my brush size down as to not go outside the eye area. I carefully painted in more contrast and clarity to the eye area.
If you overdo an adjustment, just undo CNTRL/CMD Z and adjust the slider as to not make such a dramatic difference.
Who knew the Camera Raw tool could be so versatile?

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