Monday, June 11, 2012

Create and remember a secure password

This isn't a Photoshop tip but is extremely important and wanted to share some ideas with you.
Most people make the password too simple. Some of the most common passwords, for example, are 123abc, 12345, password, a pet's name or a last name. Or some people use a regular dictionary word like happy, love or weekend.
Hackers have computer programs that automatically try the most common passwords and every dictionary word. Given modern computing power, any of the above passwords would be hacked before you could blink
You need numbers and symbols in your password to make it strong. But how can you remember a good strong password? Here’s a trick I’d like to share with you.
Start by thinking up a sentence or even a line out of your favorite song or song title. For example: icscntrig
How could I remember that?
I can see clearly now the rain is gone. Remember that song?

Want to make it even better? Add a capital letter or two, a symbol and through in a number.
I capitalized the Rain added a character and the year I remember loving the song.
Now, assigning and remembering a strong password is easier than you thought.

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