Monday, November 07, 2011

Photoshop - Applying Filters to Text and Objects

One of the problems with text in Photoshop is, you can't apply filters to create special effects. Photoshop will give you a message that the text needs to be rasterized first. What that means is Photoshop wants to turn the text into just an object on the screen. The problem with that is you can't go back later to edit your text if you rasterize it.

There is a solution however! It involves turning the text layer into a Smart Object. (click here to learn about smart objects)
  • Right click on your text layer and select "Convert to Smart Object"
  • Apply the filter effect you want for your text
  • Your text has been saved as a separate file within Photoshop. Double click your text layer to open and edit it.
  • Save the text by closing and saving this Smart Object file within your Photoshop document
  • Your filter still appears on your new edited text
You can also use this same procedure on objects you've added to a layer.
Want to watch how I did this
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