Monday, November 16, 2009

Fixing digital camera shutter lag

I have a great camera that I use for my professional photography. However, some times I want to toss a small camera into my pocket for every day use. The problem with a less expensive camera is the shutter lag.

Shutter lag is that annoying delay between the time you press the button and the time the camera actually takes the picture. While it seldom takes much longer than a second, it can mean the difference between a great, crisp image and a blurry picture of something I didn't even want in the picture.

The easiest fix for reducing shutter lag in a digital camera is to use the prefocus feature.

Most cameras allow you to press the button down halfway in preparation for a shot. This causes the camera to set the focus and lighting sensors before you actually take the shot. When you do press the button, the shot will be taken almost instantaneously because the camera has already gone through many of the processes required to take a photo. Give this a try next time and you won't miss that perfect shot.

Now for a tip on car repairs.

You probably know how much you should pay to get your oil changed. But, when it comes to repairs, things aren’t so easy.

That’s where RepairPal can help. It will provide you with estimates for car maintenance and repairs. You’ll know if a mechanic is giving you a good price!

I was able to see common problems with my year and make, and also how much I should pay for the parts and labor on my car in my area. In my example, I checked what brake pads would cost.

This is so much easier than calling around to multiple places. Enjoy!

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