Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FREE .pdf to Word converter

PDF documents are popular since document formatting isn't lost and, you can open the files with free PDF readers.
However, have you ever tried to edit a .pdf file? There have been times when I've lost my .doc file but still had my .pdf file.
I’ve been able to open .pdf files in Photoshop and do some editing but it’s not a pretty process and my success was limited.
I’ve found a free PDF to Word online solution! It will convert your PDF files to .DOC or .RTF formats. You can then edit the files in Word or another word processor. You don't need to register or do anything except upload a .pdf file.
Simply go to upload your .pdf file and the .doc file will be sent to your email address.
When I tried it I waited about 15 minutes before I received my email with the attached .doc file. It did a good job converting and almost all of the formatting was there for me!
How handy is that??

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Melvin James said...

Hi, Leona. Great post~
I've tried that, it's convenient for the small PDF files. I'm using AnyBizSoft to convert PDF to Word, the conversion quality is very good. You know, sometimes I have some large or personal PDFs, so I still prefer an offline converter.