Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adobe Configurator for Photoshop - Free panel creator

Photoshop comes loaded with tools, commands and features. Sometimes I find myself digging my way through all of menus to get to the tools I want. Sure, I’ve learned to use the shortcuts and have even created my own shortcuts for Photoshop (Edit – keyboard shortcuts).
There is another FREE option! It’s called Adobe Configurator and can be downloaded then installed from Adobe’s site.
Configurator makes it easy to drag and drop tools, menu items, scripts, actions, and other objects into a panel design, then export the results for use inside Photoshop. After I installed and ran it I was able to drag and drop my favorite tools and actions onto my custom palette.
After I created my custom palette I exported my panel into the Panels folder found in Photoshop’s Plug-ins folder on my hard drive.

The next time I started Photoshop I accessed the panel by going to the menu Window – Extensions.
The best part is I can create a custom panel for any project I’m working on. In this case it was for basic photo editing but it could be for Text editing, black and white photo editing or any specific project.
Keep in mind, this tool only works for Photoshop CS4 but it's well worth considering.
Now the tools I like the most are really handy and my life is less cluttered. Of course the best part, it was FREE.

Now, for my movie of the month.
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Rahul Kathet said...

Hi friend,
I want to create photoshop plugin, is that is possible to edit in photoshop tools script, like edit in brush tool?

if there is any help please thanks in advance


Leona Barratt said...

I haven't tried to create my own plug-ins but have found sites offering free plug-ins to download. For example
Do a search for plug-ins on Adobe's site for more free plug-ins.
If someone has a way to create plug-ins please share. Cheers!