Monday, January 05, 2009

How to Recycle your old computer and equipment

Recycle your old computer and equipment

You got a new computer for Christmas. But what do you do about your old equipment? Here are a few options.

Don’t put it in the trash. Computer components are toxic. Instead, there are environmentally friendly options.
But before you do anything else, remove your personal information, otherwise, your identity could be stolen.
Eraser is a free program that permanently removes your information since deleting files isn’t enough.
Here is a link to Eraser.

Donate your computer

Some companies recycle your old computers for FREE. Here are a few of them.
What about old printers and scanners?
I called Techware Recycling in Lincoln (402 499-3103) at 1835 W 'O' St. For a small $5 fee they will recycle your old printers, scanners, computers, and help save the planet. Call them for the specifics on recycling your old televisions too.

What about appliances, batteries and other items?
For the Lincoln area here is a link for recycling appliances, batteries, paint, computer equipment and much more. It includes the Lincoln Action Program which is a non-profit agency helping low-income families.

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