Monday, June 02, 2008

Free GPS for your phone?
If you haven’t plunked out the bucks for a GPS system yet, make sure you check out “Google Mobile”.
I prefer a mobile GPS systems rather than something installed in a vehicle.
First, a mobile GPS system is a lot cheaper. Second, it’s mobile! You can keep track of your favorite fishing spots, keep track of where you are when you go hiking, take it with you when flying somewhere, etc.
We have one GPS unit that my husband takes with him. He can set it on the dash of his car when he needs it for driving, or take it with him when he travels. I don’t have the need for one that often so I use Google’s Mobile map information. You can download Google Maps to your phone or get driving directions from point A to B. Why spend the money on an extra GPS unit when you only occasional help and, you can do it with your cell phone?
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Also, check out Google's "My Location" on how cell phone towers can be used as a GPS tool.

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