Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Photoshop photo retouching

Could photo retouching get any easier?Would your pictures be perfect if you could just remove one or two blemishes? Photoshop comes with 4 wonderful tools to do anything from removing Aunt Sara’s wrinkles to eliminating acne from your nephews photograph.
In older versions of Photoshop, I had relied on my old favorite “Clone/Rubber stamp” tool. Of course this was in the good old days when we walked to school in waist high snow and it was up hill both ways. Now, we have newer and much better options! These new tools are easier to use and much more intelligent saving us time and grief!
Our new tools for photo retouching include the following:
  • Spot healing brush: Fixes an error on a surface automatically.
  • Healing brush tool: Allows you to sample from a flawless area in a photo and paint over a bad area.
  • Patch tool: make a selection of an area needing to be fixed, and drag it to the area that looks correct.
  • Red eye tool: Simply click on the red eye for a quick fix.
Just when you thought life couldn’t get any better, Photoshop gave us favorite new toys……tools.

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