Monday, January 14, 2008

Free anti-spyware software

Protect your computer!
Some people have nothing better to do than to cause problems and create programs referred to Spyware and Adware. These programs get installed unknowingly on your computer and can be at the least annoying and sometimes downright dangerous.

Adware: Installed by stealth on computers, Adware is software that causes disruptive and unwanted advertising to appear in various programs.
Spyware: Spyware is software that is installed by stealth on computers and used to track the user's downloads, web surfing habits and individual keystrokes. This information is then secretly relayed via a backdoor to an external third-party.

SpyBot and Ad-Aware to the rescue!
SpyBot is a FREE product that can locate and destroy many of these spyware and adware programs hidden on your computer
Unlike anti-virus programs, you can and should have more than one software to protect you from spyware. That’s why I also installed Ad-Aware on my personal computer. If one program doesn’t find these naughty files, the other one does!
I run both of these programs weekly on my computer to search for spyware and adware.
However, beware of sound alike software! There are numerous programs out there claming to be programs that fight spyware that actually ARE spyware programs!
So, I’m including links to 2 of my favorite programs you can trust to fight these problems. The best part, is they are FREE!


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