Monday, October 10, 2016

New features in Liquify!

Just when you thought the Liquify tool couldn't get any better, the latest updates in CC take Liquify to an all new level of usability and fun.
Photoshop's Liquify tool is now "face aware". What that means is when you decide to edit a nose, Photoshop knows where the nose, eyes, ears, mouth, etc. are and is ready to help you make subtle changes.

I wanted to give Bob here a little bit more of a small and widen the eyes just a bit. Instead of having to grab the proper tool and start editing, I just selected the mouth and eye option in the new tool panel that you get with Liquify.

Some of these new options include editing for the eyes, nose, mouth, and face shape.
If there is more than one face in the photo, you can even tell Photoshop which face to edit.

The Liquify tool has just become more user friendly and a big time saver when I want to use it!

Here's more about the new features in Liquify from Adobe:

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