Monday, December 03, 2012

Photoshop CS6 new color adjustment layer

There's a new adjustment layer in Photoshop. It's called the color lookup adjustment.
Just go to the adjustment layer icon in the layers palette, and select the new color lookup adjustment. Like other adjustment layers, the beauty of this tool is that it doesn't harm any pixels and, you can always go back and edit, adjust, change the opacity of the effect, or delete the adjustment layer.
The color lookup adjustment layer is a combination of adjustments that remaps all of the colors into a new set of colors. These colors can give your photo a unique feel.

You'll find several special effects to choose from. In my example I'm using the the Crisp Warm look found in the 3DLUT (Look Up Table) drop-down menu.  Depending on the feel you want, try each special effect out.
If there aren't enough options here, try the Abstract and Device Link effects too.
Again, since you’re using an adjustment layer, the change you apply to the image isn't permanent, which means you can try as many lookup tables as you want, compare the results and settle on the one you like best.
In my example below, I used the Crisp Warm effect but took the opacity back to 63% to get my photo looking just right.
You'll also notice that it comes with its own mask. Try applying a special effect and mask part of the image to the original state. You'll only be limited by your imagination.

*The Mac system comes with an additional row of abstract effects not found on Windows. 

This photo I took was of my husband's farmstead in NW Kansas. Copies of this and other of my photographs can be found at

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