Monday, November 12, 2012

Photoshop CS 6 - Where are the artistic filters?

One of my favorite filters in Photoshop are the artistic filters. You can image my panic when opening Photoshop CS 6 and I didn't see Artistic under the Filters menu!

Photoshop hasn't gotten rid of these wonderful filters. You can still find them in the Filter Gallery.

Just go to Filter Gallery and all those wonderful filters like water color, dry brush and all the others are still there.

Photoshop has added a new filter to play with. (As if there weren't enough). This new filter is called Oil Paint. You'll find it just above the usual list of filters under the Filter menu.

Below you'll see an example of some testing I did with this new filter. The jury is still out on it becoming my new favorite yet. However, give it a try, you may love the results.
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