Monday, October 08, 2012

Photoshop New Auto Save feature in CS 6

Here's another reason to love the new Photoshop CS 6.

Have you ever had your computer crash while working in Photoshop or have Photoshop lockup on you in the middle of a project?
There is a new feature in CS 6 to help save the day.

Open up the Preferences in Photoshop and take a look at "File Handling". Here you will see a new feature to automatically save and recover your work. I have mine set for every 10 minutes but you can set it for 5 minutes. I don't see a reason to have it wait to save for any longer than that.
If your computer happens to crash just reopen Photoshop. Photoshop will open a recovered file of the last saved state with the word "Recovered" in the file name. The original file doesn't get touched.
Great save Photoshop!

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