Monday, November 28, 2011

Photoshop - Great selection shortcuts

Have you ever been working on an image trying to adjust the color or brightness and nothing is happening?!
This problem could be caused by a couple of things.
  1. You might be on the wrong layer
  2. You might have a small selection somewhere that you didn't notice
Here is a picture of my kitty Echo. I wanted to add a little more contrast but it seemed nothing was happening when I moved the sliders.
Note the selection around the paw. Photoshop was trying to add contrast to just this selection.
A quick shortcut to get rid of a selection is CTRL/CMD D. This quickly deselects any area or object that you might have had selected.

Here is another great trick with selections.
The marking ants indicating a selection is made but it is distracting and making it hard to see the edges as you adjust you can use the CTRL/CMD H to hide the "ants" allowing you to see the entire selection change (including the detail in the edges) without the extra animation you get with making selections. Hitting CTRL/CMD H again brings the selection outline back.
Of course, I've forgotten at times that I've hid the selection making the first trick of deselecting everything very useful!

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