Monday, May 16, 2011

Photoshop - Healing Brush tutorial

Let's take a look at a neat way to get rid of fly-away hairs among other problems.
The Healing Brush tool works like magic on removing power lines, fly away hairs or a long "line" of something that you'd like to get rid of.
The healing brush is hidden under the Spot Healing Brush (good for removing spots)
Select the Healing Brush and in the Options bar make sure you have a soft edged brush and the size should be just slightly larger than the "line" you want to remove.
Select your sample point (where PS will copy from) close to the problem area by holding down the alt/opt key and mouse button both at the same time. (You'll see a little bulls-eye appear when doing this)
Next, start painting the problem area. Photoshop carefully adjusts all the pixels so that the textures and lighting still match and all the surrounding pixels blend in like magic.
Resample and paint as needed until the entire problem is gone.
The healing brush also works great on power lines, scars, wrinkles, or any long area of trouble.
You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!
Want to watch how I fixed this fly-away hair problem?

Click here to watch the video

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