Monday, February 21, 2011

Share LARGE files with ease!

Have you ever tried to email a large file to someone only to get the message back with errors caused by the file being too big? It can be very annoying.
I used to use a neat site called However, they are no longer offering this free service. The site I use and love now is called wikisend.
I love it because it is Easy, Free, and no need to even create an account. Just go to the site, upload your file and then send the link it provides to whomever you want.
The link is good for 7 days and it provides you with a Big "Download file" button to make it a snap for your receiver to find and download you file.
How KEWL is that?

Bonus tip
Google has done it again with the Google Art Project. You can navigate through various museums similar to Google's street view. The paintings have been captured in amazing high-resolution enabling you to zoom in to see the finest details on selected paintings.
Enjoy a trip to a famous art gallery without leaving your chair. Enjoy!

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