Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photoshop - painting a selection

Sometimes making a selection doesn't get everything you want. Your selection is rarely perfect. Today I'll share a neat trick to make your selections even better.
Select as much of the area in the photo you can with your favorite selection tool. Next, click on the Quick Mask mode button at the bottom of the Tools panel. Instantly your selection is in a normal color and everything else shows in a shade of red.
Now, using white paint you can add to your selection with any sized brush you need. Click on the Quick Mask mode button again to see your new selection.
If you get too much selected go back to the Quick Mask mode and paint away with black paint.
Making a selection just got a lot easier!
Watch my movie of how I selected a straw hat using the Quick Mask mode.
Making a selection with Quick Mask

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