Friday, August 13, 2010

Hidden features in Photoshop

When working with an image in Photoshop, sometimes what is surrounding your photograph can affect what you are seeing. First an foremost, just the clutter alone can be distracting.
Also, what the human eye and brain “perceives” can be effected by the color surrounding your image. If you have a darker color around your main image, your main image will lighten up, and if you have a lighter color around your main image, your image will appear darker.
This is the reason we have the “F” key function. Hitting the "F" key will not only remove all the color but allow you to see your photograph "in a new light" as they say with a light gray or black background. Hit the "F" key again to get all of your toolbars (and clutter) back.
Below is an example starring my kitty Echo.
The next time you're in Photoshop, give it a try!

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