Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photoshop - Creating a reflection

I've always admired a cool reflection but wondered how difficult it would be to do. Today we're going to see how easy it can be. Just follow the directions below to create a beautiful reflection of text or any object of your choice.

Copy your original object/text (Ctrl-J or Cmd-J or drag to new layer icon)

Flip item on new layer vertically (Edit>transform>Flip vertical)

Increase the size of your working canvas - Image – Canvas Size – double height

Position accordingly (You may have to use the warp tool for objects/texts with a non-horizontal edge on the bottom)

Fade your reflection (create a Layer Mask- see photo to leftt) use a white to black gradient. Make sure you click on the layer mask icon.

Drag gradient across the reflection layer and edit/re-drag as desired

If needed, lower the reflection layer opacity

Optional: Blur the reflection, depending on the material of the reflected ground you want to imitate.

Don't have Photoshop? You can have a lot of fun at the following sites creating reflections and more!

And I thought my cat was weird.

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