Monday, September 28, 2009

Watch your favorite shows for free

Have you ever missed a favorite show? I know I have. There's an easy solution and it's FREE!
My husband was a chef so we watch a fun show called "Hell's Kitchen". I missed an episode so we grabbed the laptop, plugged it into the television and watched the missing episode from the Internet.
Where do you find all these shows? You'll find them on Hulu.
Hulu has tons of clips, full-length shows and feature films.
It's also provides a search to find that particular movie or show.
I haven't tried it yet but now you can use the free Hulu Desktop. This takes Hulu out of the browser. It also gives you a new and slick interface. It’s much easier to find what you want.
You can control it with your keyboard or a remote. This is great if your computer is hooked up to your television. You can just sit back and enjoy. What a great idea if there's "nothing" on t.v. tonight!
If you have never watched TV on your computer, you need to check it out.

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