Friday, August 21, 2009

FREE online photo editor with special effects

Sometimes you don't have Photoshop right at your fingertips. You might be on vacation or away from your personal computer. There are a lot of online photo editing packages any more.
Here's one of these free and yet fun programs for you to try.
It's called Picnik.
It allows you to upload photos from your computer or from website that you have accounts with like Facebook or Myspace. You can add a lot of special effects or edit problem photos right online.
I uploaded a photo of a whale and tried a couple of the special effects of fading and a soft focus in the middle of the 2nd photo. There were dozens of other effects that I didn't get to.
Some of the features require you to create an account but I did all of this without having to register or do anything except upload a photo.
When I was done editing and adding special effects I found I could select a frame, add text and clipart as shown below.

This program is as fun as a picnic ... try it!


Nicole said...

I LOVE Picnik! In fact, I make all my collages from there. There is a premium account that you have to pay for, but the free account includes so many amazing features!

Yan said...

Thanks, it looks really cool and I like Picnik. Yesterday I found one more site where we can edit our pictures: - funny photos it has more than 100 funny photo templates. It is free and very easy to use...