Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Photoshop Brushes

Greetings fellow fun hunters!
I always love it when I have something really special to share with my Photoshop friends. Not only is it really cool, but it's completely free!
Here is a collection of some spectacular Splatter Photoshop brushes. There are more than 20 sets of splatter brushes which contain more than 300 brushes.
The collection contains almost every kind of splatter brush you will need, containing brushes like Blood splatter, line splatter, coffee stains , watercolor splattering, dirt splattering, ink splatter and more. Who knew making a mess could be so much fun!

After downloading the file here is how to load the brushes:
  1. Click on the flyout menu in the brush menu
  2. Select load brushes and find the file you just downloaded
I have absolutely no artistic talent yet I found I could create interesting art by splattering color on a new blank canvas in Photoshop with these brushes. Enjoy this collection of the brushes and start creating your own art.
With this much fun, there goes the afternoon!

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