Friday, April 10, 2009

FREE online invitation creator

Here's something new that I tried and give 2 thumbs up on.
Do you send email invitations to people for parties or events? Here is a way to create an invitation, keep track of people attending and even include a map to the event! is a neat site that does it all. You don't even have to register to access these tools.
I tested it with a "fake" birthday party for my son's dog Ginger. I was even able to upload a photo of the dog, provide a map, include a password for the event if desired, and keep track of responses of who can attend or not attend.
After finishing your invitation, you'll get a tiny url that you can share with everyone that you want to invite.

I noted that when clicking on the YES "I'll attend" it asks for email information from the attendee. I noted that you don't have to enter this information and it still worked great for those who may not like to share email information.
In my example you'll notice the "Attending" and "Not attending" list from those who have responded.
I even got an email each time someone responded to my invitation.
What a quick, fun and best of all Free way to manage invitations!
Give it a try at and make it a great weekend for yourself and for someone else.

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JenileeWirtz said...

Helpful! Thanks for posting Leona! Using it for responses to a professional event for the Hartford Assn of Insurance Women.

Thanks again! :)