Thursday, November 06, 2008

Free Fonts

Fun and FREE Fonts
I've never been happier when Photoshop finally decided to give us a preview of the font before you selected it in version CS2.
Even though there are dozens of fonts to choose from, sometimes I don't find the font I want. For example, I needed a 60's hippie themed font and had to go searching online for a font to fit the purpose. This is an example of the font I used and another font I liked and installed.
Here is a couple of links to FREE fonts that you can download and use when you want to be creative and have something different than the normal boring fonts.
A search online for "free fonts" will give you days of pages to browse through. I'm including a couple of sites that I found worthy to share.

Not sure how to install a new font?
Below is a video on how to install a new font on your computer.

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