Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Creating a slideshow with Photoshop
Here’s another neat tool that you probably haven’t encountered yet in Photoshop. You can create a slideshow of a folder of images right out of Photoshop! If that isn’t a surprise enough, the results are a single PDF file that can be shared with virtually anyone.
One of the automated features in Photoshop allows you to create a wonderful slideshow in just a matter of moments. How cool is it to be able to send one complete PDF file to someone instead of a bunch of individual images!
Check under the “File” “Automate” menu for “PDF Presentation”. Some of the options available include slide titles, transitions, and note annotations.
Here is a simple example of a PDF Presentation that includes adding some metadata, annotation notes and audio annotation.
Not only is this so much faster than creating a PowerPoint file, but the PDF format is a universal format that you can share with colleagues, family or friends.
What a great way to share holiday photos!
For a detailed instruction guide on creating a PDF Presentation click here.

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