Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Special Effects with Text

Just when you thought life couldn't get any is a slick way to create Text Effects that will get noticed. Just follow these steps to add a lot of interest to your web sites, brochures or however you want to use them.
  1. Create a blank canvas by going to File, New.
  2. If creating a text banner for a webpage enter page dimensions of 700 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall. If for print, adjust the size needed in inches.
  3. Add a font with large bold type. Type in your text.
  4. Open the Styles palette if it isn't already open. Go to Windows and select Styles to open the palette.
  5. Here you will see several style options. Click on a style to see a preview of what it does to your text. Continue to do this until you find a style you prefer.
That's pretty neat. However, it gets even better!
  1. Go back to the Styles palette and click on the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner. (see photo)
  2. A menu appears with numerous style palettes that can be added to the options you already see. These are listed on the bottom half of the menu.
  3. I selected "Text Effects" and then told Photoshop to Append these styles to the bottom of my Styles palette. This way, I can just keep adding to all the styles I might want to use.
  4. The new styles now appear on the bottom of the Styles palette.
Note: You can always reset your Styles palette back to its original state. Just return to the drop down menu in the Styles palette and select "Reset Styles..." and click"OK" to return to the default Styles that were available.

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